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The Brahman Foundation Scholarship

The Brahman Foundation has awarded approximately $115,000 in scholarships. These scholarships are funded by our Funding the Future Sale held in December. Our scholarships are available to juniors who have just finished their junior year in High School thru their first semester in college. The applicants interview at the All American in front of a panel and answer one question from each interviewer. The Foundation also has some family scholarships that they facilitate. These scholarships are The Buddy Bailey, The Cameron Collette, The Irma O. Macon, The Bazan Family and Beyond the Banner. We are very honored to be carrying these scholarships for these families.

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How to Apply

Eligibility: The summer after your Junior year in high school until the summer of your first semester in college. Scholarship monies will be paid for semesters where a full load is taken or students are considered full time. Monies must be claimed before graduation or completion of the program.

• Download the Brahman Foundation Scholarship Application below.
EMAIL Submissions
• Send completed applications by email to
• Subject Line: YOUR NAME + App
• Address to: PO Box 151, Hungerford, TX, 77488
Attn: Scholarship App 
Application Deadline: Received by June 1 (both mailed or emailed in).
** NOTE**  Please put the number of people who will attend the banquet with you and a circle around it on the first page of your App.  
** NOTE** PHONE INTERVIEWS can only take place if applicant cannot attend the All American because of some unforeseen happening and notification is given before the start of the All American if possible.
• Call Lana at 979-533-0647 to schedule.
• JUNE 15th – Phone Interviews must be completed. 

    Click Here to Download the Scholarship application.

    The Vicente R. Lecuna International Scholarship

    The Vicente R. Lecuna International Travel Scholarship is awarded by the Alfredo Muskus family (Santa Elena Ranch). The purpose of this scholarship is to let the recipient see the importance of the Brahman Breed at the International level as well as providing an educational experience on US Brahman genetics in the world market. Applicants must be between the ages of 18-25 and have a passport. The scholarship is a $2500 stipend for travel expenses.

    Suggested International Events: The Brahman Congress, a National Show in Central America or any Foreign event attended by the ABBA or the Muskus Family.


    • Essay: January 31st
    • Interview: 3rd week in February
    • Awards: Winner will be announced at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

    Click Here to Download the 2018 Scholarship Information .

    Lanier H. Forgason Memorial Scholarship

    Lanier Hudgins Forgason was a 3rd Generation Rancher on the JD Hudgins Ranch. Born to Ethel Hudgins and “Pops” Forgason during the development stage of the ranch and the American Brahman, as well. Still in the early development stages meant a lot of fences, working pens, and barns/sheds were still needing built.

    Prior to 1962, the heads of each family oversaw a “specialty” or area that they had more skill and knowledge in to get things developed around the ranch.

    Lanier’s specialty or interest was inventing equipment to help clear the land and develop what is used still today to feed, work, and house the cattle on the ranch. JD Hudgins had one of the first post hole diggers to help put in all the fencing and pipe for the pens. All the working pens around the ranch are basically set up the same down to the latches. Lanier was very talented in designing things that lasted. During his life at the ranch he also dug 3 lakes, one being named, Manso Lake, and this is where the Ranches Week-end property was located where the lake was equipped with a pier and diving board. For the kids, there was a merry go round, 2 swing sets and a wading pool with fountain, all designed and built by Lanier. There was also a tin covered all brick outdoor grill for cooking fish that were caught in the lake.

    Lanier’s other area of expertise and his passion was photography and videography. He captured much of his families moments not to mention pretty much every event for everyone he knew. He took videos of kids playing sports, dance recitals, Christmas lighting around town, vacation bible school where he also hauled soda water every summer in his homemade trailer, county fairs and rodeos, all major holidays, parades, weddings and family reunions and any and everything to do with Brahman Cattle; branding, feeding, cutting sileage, hay baling, working cattle horseback, big sales leaving in airplanes, foreigners visits, field days and the cattle in general. Many of those moments captured have been preserved and transferred to digital. Each roll of film had his unique way of dating it by capturing a license plate, bank sign, or what was available to date the event. Many of us at the ranch have had our whole lives captured with his videos.

    Now that you understand the man Lanier was, hopefully you can see the connection between him and the scholarship recipients we try to award his memorial scholarship to. Over a hundred years ago the JD Hudgins ranch was established and every day since then the next generation is being groomed to be able to take the reins and continue the legacy of the half circle L. To continue the American Brahman it has to be left in the hands of our youth. Our family is very honored to be able to award this scholarship named after one of JD Hudgins developers of the ranch in the early years. To honor him we try to award his scholarship to junior members of the Association who in today’s society will develop skills to keep things running, have the creativity tackle any problems they may encounter and have the passion and knowledge for our great breed, The American Brahman to continue.

    Click Here to Download the 2018 Scholarship Information .

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