Meeting December 17, 2015

The Brahman Foundation met December 17, 2015 in Hungerford, Texas at 10:00 a.m.. The meeting was called to order, a roll call taken and prayer said by TBF President Carlos X. Guerra.  Members present were Stuart Watkins, Chris Shivers, Bubba Sartwelle, Lana Stanley, Mike England, Rachel Cutrer.  Absent: Cassie Saunders, Alfredo A. Muskus. Dr. Richard Forgason was there as a guest and host.

Here are highlights of the meeting:

Review of fundraiser with suggestions on improvement for 2016.  We reached a lot of people who were part of the initial funders and who will always be important to TBF. We are very proud and excited of what we did and of the support we received.

Discussion of 2016 fundraiser, with preference given to a stand alone event at a ranch or an online sale. Rachel and Stuart will put together ideas for this idea.

Creation of an essay contest for juniors, with cash prizes awarded March 2016. Subcommittee: Stuart and Lana

Approval of budget for 2016. The group moved to invest $30,000 in Brahman programs in 2016.

These items include:

Beef 706 / BEEF LEADERSHIP CAMP – Allocated $3000 to go towards this event. This will be a 2-3 day specialized beef leadership program at Texas A&M University that will include training on meat science, beef industry, social media training and Brahman history. There will be no registration fee for youth to attend this program. Participants will be responsible for their own travel and lodging. Subcommittee: Rachel and Chris

Leadership speakers at the All American. The Brahman Foundation will secure / schedule three guest motivational speakers at 30 minute time spots at the All American, with the content / approval of the AJBA Board and Youth Activities Committee.

Increased Showmanship Premiums – In reviewing these programs, 90% of AJBA members participate in the showmanship contest. TBF approved to spend discussed to spend $4400 in added premiums distributed equally throughout each class.

Leadership Contest Drawing of scholarships at the end of the show – Approved $5000 in funding to be given to scholarships to those who participate in leadership contests at the All American. These scholarships will be awarded at the All American. Each junior will receive one scholarship entry for each leadership contest they participate in, with a maximum of 7 entries. Students may only win one scholarship and must be present to win.

Funding of State Junior Affiliate Pograms – Approved an additional premium of $200 per state affiliate that holds a junior show, with the premium to be awarded to the high point individual of leadership contest. If there is no high point individual, the award goes to the champion showman. In the case where there is a high point girl and boy (Texas and Louisiana), the money goes to the single individual who has the highest amount of points. Funding will be provided in these states currently holding a state junior field day as of December 2015: Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Deep South, Area 13 (Arkansas / Oklahoma)

Discussion of All Around Premiums –  We would like to see it be something unique and long lasting be presented to the winner of the all around. We suggested having a profile done on the All Around Winner in The Brahman Journal. We will look into this.

Scholarships: Funded $13,500 in scholarships

This spends 58% of our funds raised in 2016 with funding to begin immediately.

We also set aside $1800 for advertising budget in 2015-16 with The Brahman Journal ($600 of which has already been placed as a thank you ad to initial donors)

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