Minutes: April 11, 2017 Meeting

The TBF held a meeting on April 11, 2017 at JD Hudgins Office at 9:00 a.m.
Members present: Mike England, Bubba Sartwelle, Gerald Young, Chris Shivers, Alfredo Muskus, Jr., Rachel Cutrer, Carlos Guerra, Stuart Watkins and Adelyn Allen (via phone).

Gerald Young led us in a prayer.
Logan Goudeau, AJBA President, sent in a report over text delivered by Lana. This report was approved.

Adelyn joined us via conference call.

Rachel announced that Shae Doucet will be our intern for 2017. We had more than 80 applicants from nationwide and interviewed 2 finalists. Shae will begin mid May and work through the All American and AJBA Summer Camp.

The minutes were approved from the last meeting unanimously. Rachel presented a financial report. The report was accepted unanimously.

Of the two remaining scholarship winners, two are high school seniors. When we get proof of enrollment they will be sent out.

We talked about the awards presentation at Houston. We all thought it was well received but the time took too long (especially from the Brangus people who were showing on the other side).

Backing up one item on the agenda, Alfredo was discussing the Vicente Lecuna scholarship, which has not been funded yet. He had a suggestion to judging seminar instead. Discussion followed on is this event needed for adults or youth. Alfredo moved that we recommend to AJBA that TBF fund an educational seminar on judging / selection at the All American for exhibitors and parents. Mike England second. Stuart added that if a youth attends, they will get their name added one more entry to the list. Passed unanimously.

Stuart presented a report on behalf of Carson Watkins, ABBA Youth Activity chairman. Mr. Watkins would like a study on member retention and had the idea of TBF paying the dues of all graduating seniors to renew their ABBA membership. Stuart moved that TBF upgrade every graduating senior to an ABBA membership for 1 year. Second by Rachel. Approved unanimously.

We then took a break and had a special presentation to Chris Shivers. He was presented a pair of custom Rios of Mercedes boots, that were contributed by personal funds of some of our members. The boots were a token of gratitude for all the work he has done as he begins his new chapter.

Mike then also made a special statement to Dr. Richard Forgason for all his support of the foundation.
Next, Carlos recognized Bubba Sartwelle as outgoing ABBA president for his support of TBF.

Essay Contest – Instead of the essay contest, the first place winners of the intermediate and senior division public speaking at their state show will automatically get a ticket to the AJBA Camp. Eventually we would like to get some type of contest that involves social media and education on what are good social media posts.

Support of State Affiliate Jr. Assns. – This was discussed at the last meeting and outlined. Again we will recognize the official state associations (TJBA, LJBA, FJBA, etc). If there are other groups that have field days they can submit a request for funding which we will consider.

All American Motivational Speaker – We need to reach out to Chris Boleman to see if he can be our motivational speaker at the banquet, and then give a selection talk at the All American. The talk would be Monday, July 3rd at 6 p.m. and then Tuesday, July 4th, morning 9 and 11 a.m. (same talk). It is in Texarkana, Texas. If Chris Boleman isn’t available we would like to ask Doug Pierce for selection. Our budget is $1500 from last year and if needed we can try to add up to $2500. Stuart moved, Rachel, second. Passed unanimously.

Lana the superstar was able to obtain Chad Prather’s cell phone so we can try to contact him, since we have tried for 6 months and can’t get ahold of him. She is going to text him. 940-235-9099

Showmanship Premiums: Last year we awarded $5500 (approximately) to the kids who win showmanship as they leave the ring. The only disadvantage was we did not get a picture as the kids left. We want to continue to award these checks as the kids leave the ring.

All American $5000 Drawing – This is the contest based on their participation in the contests. We want to do this again this year, and will do it during the meal like we did last year.

All American Scholarship Dinner & Interviews – On Thursday evening we had a scholarship dinner last year. This year we suggest the Holiday Inn in Texarkana. They have an in house caterer and meeting space. Adelyn is going to process all the scholarship applicants and Stuart will help at the event. We would also like Gerald to speak to the kids about goals and college. The meal will be a beef meal. These expenses were split between the AJBA and TBF since it is both of their scholarship dinner.

New for 2017 we will have a named scholarship for V8 Ranch and Victor A. Guerra Memorial Scholarship.

We discussed if people’s purchases of cattle in the Funding the Future Sale count towards their lifetime contribution levels, and decided that they would not count, since the buyers are receiving cattle for their purchases.

All American Lunches – We have allocated $1500 to be used towards one days of free lunch meals at the All American if the AJBA would like to use it. Gerald says that $1500 is not enough and that $3000 is needed. Stuart moved this, Alfredo seconded. Motion Passed.

Queen & Princess Stipend – Stuart has moved and Lana seconded to continue to award $1000 to the Queen and Princess for their travel stipend. The 2016-2017 royalty has already been awarded. We decided to award it at the very end of their reign, so we can make sure they complete their responsibilities.

Special Award for Top Girl and Boy at All American – In November 2016 we voted to “award $1000 to the highest point winner at the All American, with a banner, and their name be listed on the website.”

New Carcass Measuring Opportunities that TBF Might Fund: The All American Better Beef contests awards are currently covered and no additional premiums are needed. At the last meeting we allocated $2000 to be used at the Kickoff to let adult breeders (not just youth) scan their cattle at no charge. Adelyn is going to head this up.

Leadership Camp – The date of the camp is July 17-18. The question is who is going to organize this since ABBA does not have the EVP in place and thats who did it last year. We are going to count on Brandi Karisch to set the agenda, and then Dustin Black and Shae to facilitate the rest. The age limit is 15 years old. Last year every child who applied got accepted. If we have more than 40 applicants, we need to have criteria in who gets to go. Carlos and Adelyn will review these applicants. Lana pointed out that we need to get the word out of who gets the certain spots, and how do we apply.

40 spots
2 – First Place Winner of Intermediate and Senior TJBA Public Speaking
2 – First place winner of Intermediate and Senior LJBA Public Speaking
14 – AJBA Directors
22 Spot – AJBA members age 15 or over who complete application

Chris is going to put together the application and we will need to have them due May 15 and send it to Dustin at the AJBA office.

Semen Tank donated by Richard Lambert – The tank is donated and we have 20+ outstanding embryos that have been donated. Originally we had discussed to have it at the Kickoff. But we now want to put it in the V8 Online Sale June 2, to be heavily promoted with the V8 sale. The check will be directly billed and invoiced via Brahman Foundation.

Funding the Future Online 2 – Stuart will chair again. The goal is to get 5-6 actual heifer lots.
Goal is to have the lots finalized by October 1. Sale dates would be the same as last year.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Policy –

New Business
Alfredo needs a request for funding video. Rachel’s video producer can produce the video, we just need the footage. We need footage from the camp and the All American. Stuart is going to see if he can get her to film these activities.

Certified Letter from ABBA – We received a certified letter from ABBA stating that we are not an affiliate of ABBA and cannot use ABBA name or cooperation.

Adding a travel stipend to travel from Ranch in USA for ABBA – JDH Australian Youth Foundation
Stuart spent some time with the JDH ambassador this spring and found that the funds that the winners receive isn’t quite enough for them get around here and things like that. Stuart moved to give $500 to the next Australian exchange winner (winter 2018) to help get them around the USA. Motion passes 4-1.

Angus Foundation – Bubba has reviewed the Angus Foundation to see some of their policies. Nothing to report at this time.

Request for funding from Overton Research Center – Rachel stated she doesn’t think this is really our place to be funding outside research at this time in our foundation, maybe in the future. Richard agreed, this is the place of ABBA Research and Improvement.

Discussion of Brahman steer shows – We would like to get more market for our cattle and there was a lengthy discussion about how to do this.

Director attendance – Stuart discussed that some of our members are not attending the meetings. Mike talked to the Saunders family to let them know are they still interested in being part of the meeting. This is the 3rd time we have tried to talk to them, but they did not attend. There is a policy in our by laws that a director can be removed by a vote of the board. We all agree we care deeply for the Saunders but they are not able to attend. Motion passes 4-2 to terminate Cassie’s position since she could not attend.

Alfredo discussed who is currently on the board.

Technically Chris is not on the board, he just attends. Bubba’s position is reserved for the ABBA and at this time, George will not appoint anyone. Bubba would like to stay on the board until George will appoint someone. Stuart discussed there needs to be some requirements to be on the board, for example, attend 50% of the meetings, chair an activity, make a donation, or provide a financial donation, and maybe people need to do ⅔ to be on the board. Stuart and Rachel will put together an outline of what those expectations will be for the next meeting. We can have as many as 11. Currently we have 8.

The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

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